Ad Honders offers solutions for strategy, marketing and sales issues. He is specialized in small and medium sized companies with a technical, service or production focus.

  1. Consultancy
  2. Training & Coaching
  3. Interim & Project management

More specifically he helps his clients to improve the positioning of their products and services. This involves defining the added value of the products and services, the competition, and the market developments. By building a Value Proposition he helps his clients to communicate their benefits to their clients in a clear and convincing way.

His approach is always focused on making his clients more successful. His personal vision is that sustainable business can only be achieved if the added value of the products (and services) is known and used within the sales process in the right way.

Ad Honders has over 15 years of experience in commercial and management positions in industrial and service oriented companies. Next to his degree in precision engineering he became a Master in Business Administration (MBA) by following an International Executive MBA programme with TSM business school (University of Twente)

Ad Honders gets inspired by new challenges, entrepreneurship and teamwork. During his free time he likes to spend his time with family and friends. When he gets the chance he likes to go sailing.

Ad Honders

Ad Honders


Characteristic for all the projects of Ad Honders:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Result driven instead of giving advice
  3. Tailor made solutions
  4. 15 years of experience in this area
  5. Project approach, clear insight in costs and lead time
  6. Clear agreements on what you can expect / results